Dec 13, 2011

Tinstallation at Art Source Gallery

Put this curiously sweet little event on your calendar. Altoid Box Tinstallation, opening January 2nd at the Art Source Gallery. More than 50 artists have already donated a piece of art using an Altoid box as inspiration--and they will all be for sale for a mere $20. All money raised goes to either the Boise Open Studios Collective or other non-profit art organizations.

My offering is called Found My Spot.

Hope to see you there.

Nov 28, 2011

New Holiday Cards, New Retail Location

Just a note to let you know I have six new Christmas card designs. Not only can you buy my cards, prints, butterfly boxes and assemblages at Forget Me Not Antiques (my beloved studio) located at 13th and Eastman, and the Boise Art Museum Gift Shop -- but starting this week at Green Chutes located at
4716 W. State Street. For those of you not aware of this venue, it's worth stopping in. Nice ecclectic co-op art gallery PLUS a sweet little restaurant/bakery/coffee house.

Sep 25, 2011

Change is Good

Thanks to Jake Putnam and Teena Wright who graciously helped me "Put the Public in Public Art" during the unveiling of my public art project September 1, 2011. I found some great materials at the Idaho Historic Society -- like the 1865 map of Boise City I used for the background, and photo of the Boise City Bank, a huge stone building that still stands directly behind the traffic box. It's now a posh restaurant. Ah, yes, the more things change the more they....change. "Change is Good"  is my first public art commission.
To see all the great public shots of people who stopped by to be "crowned" go to:

Jul 8, 2011

Three Pieces Accepted in to National Show

The Seed Saver, In A Garden By The Sea, and Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop were accepted in to the Art Source Gallery's 9th annual juried show. The opening was last night in Boise, and I was honored with 2nd Place for The Seed Saver. The show runs through July and can be seen at 1015 Main Street, Boise, Idaho.

Other than that, I'm busy in my studio getting ready for Boise Art Museum's ART IN THE PARK, which runs September 9th - 11th.

Jun 9, 2011

Random Jars of Wisdom

Vintage jars filled with "Pearls of Wisdom" or "Emergency Wishes" or "Star Dust to Help Dreams Take Flight." Corked, wrapped with linen and sealed with Beeswax. A perfect present for pearl-girls and women who have everything. Featured at Forget Me Not Antiques in Boise's Historic Hyde Park.

May 14, 2011

In A Garden By The Sea

Accepted in to the Art Source Gallery's 9th annual juried show! Collage background created from very old scientific journal pages, and Boise High School hand-written work books circa 1910. Vintage Rake and treasures from the sea, a random hand-made ceramic bird, and the earth as cue-ball. The sprouting of new growth -- a sign of the longing of the earth to replenish itself. 25x20x2. $350.

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop

Accepted in to the Art Source Gallery's 9th annual show. Accepted in to the 8th Annual Biennial at The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, 2013. Three perfectly aged wooden boxes filled with ceramic heads made from a vintage mold, some quirky home shock therapy equipment, vintage ceramic legs and plenty of tiny metal shoes. It's just a matter of time -- Mary is barely holding it all together. It's been quite a year. 9x19x3, $350. SOLD. Collection of Michael Tierney.