Jun 14, 2009

Pure Love
Far off places remembered by ancient maps & cancelled stamps, remnants of gardening tools, and a Budha or two. Created for Sue. Sold.

Apr 3, 2009

Our Lady of the Friendly Universe
Yes! We live in a friendly universe and this angel with handmade golf leaf wings is here to remind us every day. Vintage sheet music, hand-written school lessons, doll head, ruler, builders level and other really old cool things! 11x23. Sold (Thanks Celeste!) $200.

Mar 4, 2009

South of Ketchum
Painted from a drawing made on-site by Greenhorn Gulch (Golden Eagle Ranch) looking across the highway towards East Fork Road. Acrylic on wood panel. Sold. Collection of Joan & Hank Upton.

Feb 28, 2009

The Last Official Sighting of the Raven King
Accepted into national juried show at the Art Source Gallery, and winner of the Juror's Award. Vintage weathervane found in Bellevue, Idaho along with old game pieces, printers blocks, coins, jewelry, wonderful and very old maps, paper and sheet music. Top detail: worn pencils, harminca, printers blocks spell 'lost'. 25x22x3. $550. Sold/Jay Parks collection.

Tricks of Escape
Accepted into national juried art show at Art Source Gallery.
Take Paul’s advice…just slip out the back, make a new plan, take a train, hop on a bus… just get yourself free. Vintage doll head, old tiny cage, toys, game pieces and metal flowers. Tiny raven with gold key to right of clock watches over you. 15x21 $200. SOLD.

Jan 1, 2009

It's a darn-right risky game, but if you're lucky love can be the best gamble you'll ever take. Loose your balance and watch out -- you'll end up in a bed of nails. Assemblage box with vintage paper, wooden art manequin, vintage game pieces, beads and dice. 13x25. $140. SOLD.
Fancy Dancer
Some women have all the fun. Assemblage w/ antique doll, vintage coins, beads, glass frames, typewriter keys,1940’s Italian Art-deco gold plated silver butterfly pin/Genova Province. 12x20x2. $200. SOLD.