Jan 17, 2010

Our Lady of Ordinary Miracles
I explored the idea of woman as caretaker of people, things, and objects -- and just how much can one woman do? Created with tools of her trade -- from curlers to kitchen tools, she wears a "No Tears" badge of honor.
This piece was recently accepted into the BSU Visible M(Others): Images of Parenting in Visual Culture. The show runs March 4-April 5, 2010 at the BSU Student Union Gallery. 13 x 28 x 3 $200. SOLD. Collection of Kim Kelly.
I See By Your Outfit
Cowboys come and cowboys go, but this one will keep you company forever. A new venture for me -- I call them wall widgets and this one is created from a very old plainer, old pistol handles, vintage handmade jewelry, and other gadgets that every respectable cowboy needs to wrangle your heart.
8 x 18 x 2. $200. SOLD. Collection of Kim Kelly.