Dec 5, 2010

Workshops for Spring

Get in touch with your inner artist!

I've moved my studio to the corner of 13th and Eastman,
 inside Forget Me Not Antique store. It's a great space
where I can create and hold workshops. Call me at
629-9190 or email
for more information.

26: Butterfly Boxes FULL
30: Sugar Bowl Sweeties 1 spot remaining
14: Butterfly Boxes
21: Encaustic and Collage
28: Collage FULL
Check back for summer workshops...

Sep 19, 2010

Time For BOSCO!

Art in the Park was worth the effort and I want to thank everyone who stopped by my booth and bought my art! I will get images of new work on this site soon. I'm looking forward to the October BOSCO open studio event and hope to see you at my studio. We will be making bookmarkers and having all sorts of fun so plan to attend October 9 or10, Noon to 6 p.m. Maps available at

The Seed Saver

Recieved 2nd place honor in the Art Source Gallery's 9th annual juried show! Accepted in to the 8th Annual Biennial statewide juried show at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, 2013. My inspiration was the documentary Farm Inc. If you really want to understand the piece then NetFlix the movie. Vintage metal lamp finial and wine opener, dove-tail box with farm animal transfers, vintage blocks, end paper from 1890 book, heirloom Idaho seeds, found bird cage. Measures: 6x20x3.5  This is one of my personal favorites. $350. SOLD. Collection of Mary Alyce and Larry Tierney.

May 16, 2010

BOSCO and Art in The Park!
I was recently accepted into the Boise Open Studio Collective and we're gearing up for a June opening. In case you aren't familiar with BOSCO, it's a group of Boise artists who open their studios so the public can stop by and see where artists do their magic. I'm honored to have been juried in to the group, and thrilled to participate in my first ever BOSCO. Stop by my house June 5th or 6th, open each day from 12-6. My humble studio awaits! Go to for maps. As a side note, I'll be showing some new style boxes that I was inspired to create at an art retreat. These boxes are so incredible that they are the reason I was accepted into 2010 Art in The Park!!

Feb 6, 2010

The Secret
Your own personal angel bearing a floral garland to celebrate your success. All things are possible when you ask, believe and open your heart to recieve. Created using an ancient book cover, original and fabualous and hand-marbled book end pages, vintage jewelry, game pieces, dice, and porcelain angel saved from the dumpster. 15x18x2. $150. SOLD. Marilyn's Collection.

Jan 17, 2010

Our Lady of Ordinary Miracles
I explored the idea of woman as caretaker of people, things, and objects -- and just how much can one woman do? Created with tools of her trade -- from curlers to kitchen tools, she wears a "No Tears" badge of honor.
This piece was recently accepted into the BSU Visible M(Others): Images of Parenting in Visual Culture. The show runs March 4-April 5, 2010 at the BSU Student Union Gallery. 13 x 28 x 3 $200. SOLD. Collection of Kim Kelly.
I See By Your Outfit
Cowboys come and cowboys go, but this one will keep you company forever. A new venture for me -- I call them wall widgets and this one is created from a very old plainer, old pistol handles, vintage handmade jewelry, and other gadgets that every respectable cowboy needs to wrangle your heart.
8 x 18 x 2. $200. SOLD. Collection of Kim Kelly.